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Our Business

The business of Ashbourne is to provide property and debt solutions for the property sector including investors, loan providers, borrowers and owners.

Ashbourne will purchase property and loan assets subject to size, security and underlying property values.

Ashbourne is looking to identify loan assets where Ashbourne’s team can add value to the underlying property assets.

Ashbourne will utilise it’s own capital along with it’s management team’s experience, earned over many years in the retail, office, supermarket, industrial, residential, planning, bank lending and debt restructuring sectors throughout the UK, to maximise returns by securing an optimum outcome.

Our Services

Ashbourne provides the following services:

  1. Identifying opportunities and solutions
  2. Borrower management, liaison and negotiation
  3. Property review, creation of business plan and subsequent implementation
  4. Managing repair and refurbishment projects
  5. Preparing and submitting planning applications and obtaining planning consents
  6. Managing the build out of successful planning permissions
  7. Sale of Property
  8. Optimising investment returns

In return for the above services, Ashbourne charges a combination of an on-going management fee, a return on it’s capital and/or a success based fee.

Key Features

  1. Experienced and successful property fund management team
  2. Experienced and successful restructuring debt team
  3. Joint Venture with lenders on property assets
  4. Purchase of secured loan assets
  5. Purchase property assets
  6. Returns achieved through active property management
  7. Clearly defined exit strategies
  8. Management team aligned to solution