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Ashbourne Performance

Over the past 18 years, Ashbourne has established a track record of fundraising, joint venturing, purchasing, managing and selling over £300 million of UK commercial property, with a proven ability to deliver diverse property solutions.

Ashbourne has returned an average simple annualised return on equity in excess of 20%, with the exception of 2 portfolios purchased within separate joint venture structures in 2006-2007.

Ashbourne fully funded a joint venture with Asda over it’s 11 acre London Docklands property, obtaining planning permission for £1 billion of mixed commercial and residential assets.  Ashbourne has since arranged the successful sale of a majority interest, introduced new third party funding and retains a significant minority interest.

Ashbourne has successfully worked with numerous equity partners including Revcap, Tyburn Lane, Babcock & Brown and G.E. Capital Real Estate. Ashbourne has had banking relationships with Bank of Scotland, Nationwide Building Society, Royal Bank of ScotlandAnglo Irish Bank and GE Capital.