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Investment Criteria

Ashbourne acts as a principal, either solely or as part of a joint venture, in originating, structuring, financing and managing UK real estate assets.  The Ashbourne investment objective is to create shareholder value by strategically investing in a diverse property portfolio across the UK that demonstrate potential for delivering superior returns.

Ashbourne will  typically acquire real estate with a combination of the following characteristics:

  • Attractive initial investment yields
  • Low capital values
  • Well located for their use
  • Opportunity to add value through active management
  • Clearly defined exit strategies

Previous Portfolios

Over the past 18 years, Ashbourne has established a track record of fundraising, joint venturing, purchasing, managing and selling over £266 million of UK commercial property, with a proven ability to deliver diverse property solutions.

Ashbourne has returned an average simple annualised return on equity in excess of 20%, with the exception of 2 portfolios purchased within separate joint venture structures in 2006-2007, currently being managed out.

Ashbourne fully funded a joint venture with Asda over it’s 11 acre London Docklands property, obtaining planning permission for £1 billion of mixed commercial and residential assets. Ashbourne has since arranged the successful sale of a majority interest, introduced new third party funding and retains a significant minority interest.

Ashbourne has successfully worked with numerous equity partners including Revcap, Tyburn Lane, Babcock & Brown and G.E. Capital Real Estate. Ashbourne has had banking relationships with Bank of Scotland, Nationwide Building Society, Royal Bank of Scotland, Anglo Irish Bank and GE Capital.

Performance Table

Portfolio Name Purchase Price Year of Acquisition Year of Sale Simple Annualised Rate of Return
Portfolio 1 £8,337,000 1999 2004 14%
Portfolio 2 £11,503,000 2000 2004 14%
Portfolio 3 £13,991,000 2001 2003 21%
Portfolio 4 £47,244,261 2002 2005 22%
Portfolio 5 £38,828,000 2003 2005 25%
Portfolio 6 £3,404,574 2004 2008 20%
Portfolio 7 £5,063,913 2004 2014 13%
Portfolio 8 £14,579,847 2005 2007-16 -3%
Portfolio 9 £2,485,000 2008 2014 50%
Portfolio 10 £60,806,935 2006 Ongoing
Portfolio 11 £60,063,172 2007 Ongoing
Total £266,316,702 20%



Ashbourne typically acquire properties in joint venture vehicles whereby it brings on board investment partners  who will sit alongside the Ashbourne equity.  Joint venture partners Ashbourne have worked with in the past include:

  • Real Estate Venture Capital Management LLP
  • Tyburn Lane Private Equity
  • GE Capital Real Estate
  • Babcock & Brown
  • ASDA Stores Limited